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2012 Marisa Calvo Design

Graphic Design has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I would clip out ads of the yellow pages after my mother would throw the books out. I would study the ads and always found it fascinating and wanted to learn how I could make them. I also was a photo bug at a young age, always taking pictures of things and other people.

I disappointed my guidance counselor when I told him I was taking graphics in my junior year instead of a second year of typing. He wanted me to pursue a career as a secretary. I think he was old school! Anyway, I did what my heart desired and finally began to study my dreams.

Out of high school, I began working at Pronto Printer in Newington. They hired me on the spot, and tossed me in the back and said "Anything you have questions on, someone will be here in the morning to answer them and after that you are on your own." Basically, I taught myself how to use the computer there. I worked there for 3 years while I attended classes at Central Connecticut State University. Before graduating with a B.S. in Industrial Technology, specializing in Graphic Design Management, I started working at UDesign in Hartford. I worked for that company for 6 years then they moved and changed their name to Hybrid Communications. Within 1 year I left there to start working at my own business.

In 1994 I formed Marisa Calvo Design. I have enjoyed much success at my own business and find I am less concerned with making my "boss" happy and much more capable of making my client's happy. I view my work as a personal extension of myself.

You will never be handed over to an employee or an intern to handle your important work. This fact ensures there is no communication breakdown and allows me to become familiar with what you like. The ultimate goal of Marisa Calvo Design is to ensure my client's satisfaction. I want you to rant and rave about what a wonderful job I did on your marketing material or website and tell everyone you know where they can get the same great service and products. I look forward to working with you in the future to help make your business a success!

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